Youth Employment Innovation Program, Brazil

How we´ve promoted Startups and the Public Sector to jointly develop gamified solutions that help companies to hire more young people.

The Challenge

In Brazil, juvenile delinquency and poverty pose a crucial problem. To address this, the government has implemented the legal program Young Apprentice ("Jovem aprendiz") which aims to integrate young adults into the formal labour market and thus reduce juvenile delinquency, poverty and social discrepancies. The implementation so far however, had only little effect. Out of 90.000 available places in Rio de Janeiro, only 40.000 were awarded – and largely excluding the program's actual target group: socially disadvantaged young people.

The Outcome of Collaboration

Joining forces with several public as well as private actors, this Collaborative Innovation program aimed at supporting especially small and medium sized enterprises (that account for 50 percent of vacant places and are often not aware of the legal and practical obligations) to hire more socially disadvantaged youth. Three Startups were supported in their collaboration process with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs: “Taque Lite” and “Intelecta” developed gamified solutions to provide guidance for SMEs in the recruitment and selection process of a Young Apprentice, while the Startup “Edujob” piloted a virtual human resource assistant, based on artificial intelligence to support companies in the selection of applicants and matching of (non-formal) experience to the required skills of the company.

Let`s Talk

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